mattress types

Four common mattress types and all you need to know about them

When deciding how to choose a mattress, one has to first determine what type of mattress they are looking for and what type will be most suitable for them. Let…

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right mattress

Things to keep in mind when purchasing the right mattress

Today, the best way to buy a mattress is to get it online. The brands online ensure that you are offered the best customer service, doorstep delivery, free trial and…

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best ortho mattress

3 best natural materials that make the best ortho mattress in 2020

As people have started to seek more comfort and support when sleeping, it is high time that you know more about it. The use of a mattress has doubled in…

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custom size mattress

What are the most popular custom size mattress materials?

Shopping for a new mattress can be really fun and exciting. Especially if you didn’t shop for it in a long time. Science and technology have come a very long…

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What are the benefits of buying a coir mattress?

A lot of people tend to ignore the fact that a mattress can affect the overall quality of sleep you are going to experience at night. A good mattress has…

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types of mattress

Which types of mattress should you buy – gel, memory, or plant-based?

Memory foam is one of the best selling materials that is used to make mattresses. Developed back in the late 1960s, memory foam has come a long way over the…

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Latex Mattress

Which is The Best One? Latex Mattress or a Memory Foam Mattress?

Are you planning to buy a brand new mattress? If yes, then you must be already aware that there are so many different kinds of materials that are used to…

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Mattress type online

Replacing Your Coir Mattress – A Now or Never Decision

Introduction Sleep is the most useful thing in our life, something without which we cannot live. But between us and sweet sleep, a mattress often acts as the spoiler, more…

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Memory Foam Mattress vs coir mattress

Coir Mattress Pros and Cons

Introduction Good sleep is essential for a good body and great mind, and therefore choosing the right mattress is the first step to good sleep. Most people do not have…

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innerspring vs memoryfoam mattress

Innerspring Mattress: The Pros and Cons

Time and again, we have been guided through the various mattress types and their usages. The role of a good mattress in our lives is indispensable as they are the…

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