Four common mattress types and all you need to know about them

mattress types

When deciding how to choose a mattress, one has to first determine what type of mattress they are looking for and what type will be most suitable for them. Let us today have a look at the four most common mattress types and know everything about them before investing in them. 

Common types of mattresses

  1. Memory foam mattress 
types of mattresses

A memory foam mattress conforms to your body shape when you sleep, giving you the most cuddled up sleeping experience. The mattress distributes your bodyweight uniformly throughout, so no pressure points are created in the sleeper’s neck, shoulders and hips.

The best memory foam mattress also has orthopaedic features, thus ensuring that the spine of the sleeper remains naturally aligned during sleep. These mattresses offer very good motion separation factor, which makes them a great option for couples.

Though the heat was an issue in traditional memory foam mattresses, today’s brands incorporate different cooling technologies to make sure that the sleeper sleeps cool even in the hottest of summer months. Some of these technologies include cooling crystals, gel memory foam, and memory foam with open-cell structure. 

  1. Spring mattress

Spring mattresses have a network of metal coils enveloped by a fabric. These mattresses are bouncy and offer good air circulation. They are also firm and support the sleeper’s body well. However, over time they begin to disintegrate, especially when the metal coil is not of very good quality.

The mattresses begin to make a squeaking noise, thus interrupting sleep. Their motion isolation factor is not that good too, thus making them a poor option for couples. The mattresses are not hygienic and can cause breathing difficulties because over time they turn into a hub for dust mites. 

  1. Latex mattress 

If you sleep hot, then latex mattresses could be your type. Also these mattresses are very bouncy and make it easy for you to get in and out of bed, especially if you fall under the senior age bracket. The mattress is hypoallergenic, which means it keeps dust and other allergens away and gives you a healthy, fresh and hygienic sleep.

The only concern when it comes to purchasing a latex mattress is that you need to ensure that the mattress is a natural latex mattress and not a synthetic one. 

  1. Coir mattress
Coir mattress

A coir mattress is one of the most traditional mattresses available on the market. These are hypoallergenic since they are natural and made from coconut husk.

They are naturally firm too and a great option for people who like their mattresses to support their bodies well. However, the problem with this mattress type is that it is not durable and over time its supportive quality begins to deteriorate, therefore affecting the spine and your posture. 

That is all in today’s post on various mattress types. What mattress are you currently using? Is it helping you with your sleep? Tell us in the comments section. 

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