What are the most popular custom size mattress materials?

custom size mattress

Shopping for a new mattress can be really fun and exciting. Especially if you didn’t shop for it in a long time. Science and technology have come a very long way and change the mattress industry for the good. Now, brands use a lot of new and advanced technology in order to manufacture mattresses. This clearly tells you that people have started to enjoy better quality products and accessories over time. In today‚Äôs time, there is a wide range of custom size mattresses materials that are being used in India.

 custom size mattresses

Each of these materials are used to make mattresses have their own benefits. Some are softer, whereas some tend to deliver better firmness. It totally depends on you regarding which material you want in your mattress. Every individual has their own unique needs and preferences while sleeping. So, there is no “one fit for all” mattress in the market.

Are you planning to buy a new mattress? Then you should be aware of the popular materials are used to make different kinds of mattresses. Take a look at them in the following segment.

Most Popular Materials To Make Mattress

We already mentioned that it is totally on you to determine which material you must choose. It is dependent on your personal experience. In this segment, we are going to analyze the 3 most popular materials used to make a mattress.

Memory Foam – you must have already heard about this material, memory foam is the latest material in the market. Top mattress brands in India make use of this material to make the most premium and durable mattresses. If you look closely, almost every brand now has a memory foam variant mattress in their inventory. The best feature of this material is that it is viscoelastic in nature. That means, when you lie on it, the material moulds itself around your body contours. Thus offering great support. But, as soon as you get up, the material returns back to its original shape.

Top mattress brands in India

If you like the “sinking” feeling when sleeping, then memory foam is the best material for you. The material is able to distribute the weight uniformly over the surface according to the heat and pressure inflicted. From being used as a safety material in an airplane and spaceship seats, memory foam is now a household item.

Innerspring – it goes without saying that almost every one of us has slept on an innerspring mattress at least once in our lifetime. When we are talking about mattress durability, few other materials can perform like innerspring. Even though you may think these to be outdated, the fact is, innerspring mattresses are still popular. In the battle between memory foam vs spring mattress, innerspring has the edge in many aspects. As the name suggests, innerspring mattresses are made of superior coil springs that deliver the “bouncy” effect. These are also available in many firmness options – high, medium & low.

One of the major reasons for innerspring’s popularity is because it is very affordable. You tend to get this mattress for half of what you pay for some premium foam mattress. They are durable and can easily last up to 8-10 years. But, over time they tend to sag and start to make creaky noise because of rusted springs.

Natural Fiber – for centuries, natural fiber has been used to manufacture different types of mattresses in India. A lot of you are unaware, but foam and latex mattresses are made with the help of many petrochemicals. Yes! That is why you can always face the problem of off-gassing after some months of usage. It means that the material is going to release some of the chemicals from the mattress. To avoid such situations, a natural fiber mattress is the best solution in the market. Made of 100% organic and natural products, these mattresses use coconut coir or cotton as the final material.

Organic fibers like cotton can easily last up to 10 – 12 years without sagging. They offer great elasticity and comfort levels to the users. These materials are hygroscopic and hypo-allergenic in nature. That means they facilitate air circulation much better than materials like latex and memory foam. Also, they can resist several allergens like dust mites and pollen from accumulating over the mattress surface. So, you don’t have to worry about allergies.

Spring Mattress

Final Words – if you are planning to buy a new mattress, then you have a lot of options. Each material comes with its own features, mattress durability, disadvantages, and so on. Do your research and make sure to understand your own personal needs well. It helps to narrow down the options and select more efficiently. In case you are confused between memory foam vs spring mattress, we will recommend you to go with the former variant for better service.

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