What are the benefits of buying a coir mattress?

A lot of people tend to ignore the fact that a mattress can affect the overall quality of sleep you are going to experience at night. A good mattress has the ability to allow you to sleep well and make your body get the perfect rest. It ensures that you wake up fresh and energized the next day. A bad mattress can lead to a series of different kinds of problems that include back pain, neck stiffness, spinal issues, and muscle ache. All of this can lead to chronic health problems in the human body always. Of all the mattress types available, coir mattresses are one of the most popular of all.

Coir mattresses are in the industry for more than 150+ years now and millions of people around the world use a coir mattress. For a long time now, coir mattresses proved their ability to provide the people with comfort and high-end durability. Especially in India, coir mattresses are really popular for many reasons.

Are you planning to buy a new mattress, then a coir mattress can be a good choice. But, with different mattress types available now, it can be quite confusing to choose the right one. So, today we are going to discuss with you the benefits of buying a brand new coir mattress.

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What Are The Benefits of Coir Mattress?

It has been more than 150 years that the first coir mattress was used back in the late 1800s. Since then, there has been no turning back from it. People really love using it, and you can say that by looking at the annual sales figures. Take a look at the top benefits of it here –

●        Eco-Friendly – coir mattresses are made of 100% natural fibers that are usually acquired from coconuts. These are absolutely very much eco-friendly and pose no threat to the environment. Coir mattresses don’t include any harmful chemicals because they are carefully extracted from the natural fibers. It is really good for your skin and health. Unlike a lot of synthetic materials, which consist of a lot of harmful chemicals, coir mattresses can help you sleep without any worry.

●        Hygroscopic Nature – since the material is made of coconut coir, the circulation of air tends to become much smoother and easy. It leads to the rise od the hygroscopic nature of this mattress. It helps the mattress to absorb your sweat and moisture around the air. This air can easily percolate through the material and keeps the mattress free of any moisture always. That is the reason why the orthopaedic mattresses made of coir are recommended by skin doctors.

●        Resistant to Allergens – being hypo-allergenic is another really great feature of coir mattress. Coconut has the natural ability to resist dirt and dust from accumulating over the surface. The anti-bacterial properties help to avoid the users from getting allergic to the numerous allergens. These mattress types are not so common and only a few possess such great characteristics.

●        Bouncy and Springy – last but not least, coir mattresses are medium-firm and have a mores springy effect. The few months of curling of the coir makes the mattress a lot more springy. It feels natural and more comfortable. It is good for your spine and when you are lying down, helps to offer more support and balance to your back.

These are the top benefits of using a coir mattress that you should be aware of. Now let’s take a look at foam vs coir mattress, which one will be a better investment for you.

Foam Vs Coir – Which One Is Better?

Foam mattresses are very popular because of their comfort levels and durability. But, do they offer better performance than coir mattress? Well, we think that a coir mattress is still a better choice of investment in the long run.

First and foremost, a coir mattress is made of organic and natural materials whereas foam is completely made of synthetic items. At times, carbon compounds are also used to make it. As we already mentioned, synthetic elements can lead to several skin issues and allergic reactions. That is why a coir mattress is a safer option you can choose in order to avoid health issues.

A foam mattress is soft, whereas a mattress made of coir is firm and hard. Hence, you are going to experience more support and better spinal alignment which reduces back problems. Also, coir mattresses are cooler during the summer because of better air circulation. On the other hand, foam mattresses tend to trap more heat than coir and become hot.

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Final Words – with different mattress types, it is confusing to choose the best for you. Coir mattresses are easily the best in the lot and you can rely on them for a very long time to come. We hope you enjoy a wonderful time sleeping over a premium quality coir mattress now!

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