Which is The Best One? Latex Mattress or a Memory Foam Mattress?

Latex Mattress

Are you planning to buy a brand new mattress? If yes, then you must be already aware that there are so many different kinds of materials that are used to manufacture these. Every kind of material that can be used to manufacture a mattress has its special benefits. Best quality materials can help you to achieve great comfort and cosiness when you are sleeping. In today’s time, latex and memory foam are the two most popular and best-selling mattresses.

Every individual has their own special sleeping needs, based on which you must choose the mattress materials. Selecting the right material delivers the best convenience to you. Different types of mattresses are made each year with the help of these two popular materials – latex and memory foam. Even though both of them are really good materials, they have a lot of differences between them.

Are you confused about these two materials? Then you have to read this blog. We are going to discuss which material is the best for you.

What is Memory Foam?

The first memory foam was used back in the 1960s by NASA when they decided to equip their spaceship seats with it. Over time, this brilliant material became more popular and can now be found in several objects around us. Memory foam is a polyurethane that is created by infusing different kinds of chemicals.

As a result, manufacturers get material that is dense and can absorb a lot of energy. When you lie down on the best foam mattress, you’ll see that your body sinks on the material. But, it takes back it’s original form when you get up.

Memory foam can mold around the different areas of the body and provides a proper cushion to the back, neck, hip, shoulders, and other parts. That is why you feel more comfortable and get the right support for a peaceful sleep.

People who are suffering from back pain or joint pain can easily use this kind of mattress. Another reason why memory foam is so popular is that it can absorb energy. Most of these mattresses can isolate motion on bed.

What is Latex?

different kinds of mattresses

While memory foam has slow recovery time, latex delivers faster recovery and adds quite a lot of bounce to the mattress. It takes a few seconds for the material to come back to its original shape when you get up from it. There are different kinds of latex available – natural latex and synthetic latex is the most popular.

This material offers the best mattress price and comfort. Mattresses made of latex are quite soft and smooth, that allows the body to sink into the mattress really deep. But, for back sleepers, memory foam is a better choice.

For those of you who want an all-natural option with their mattress, latex is the best material they can choose to use. There’s another kind of latex that is slowly gaining popularity and that is blended latex. It is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. These mattresses are much more adorable when compared to best foam mattress. So, people with a strict budget can use them.

Benefits of Memory Foam & Latex

By now you are well aware of the two different kinds of materials that are used to make different kinds of mattresses. Check out the benefits of latex vs memory foam in this section –

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

●       Memory foam delivers exceptional pressure relief to the users. It can cushion the areas around the back, shoulders, and hip in a great way. The material conforms around the body instead of pressing against it. That is why you feel more relived on the bed.

●       Memory foam is hypo-allergenic. That means it can resist dust mites and other allergens from accumulating over the surface. Sleepers who are allergic to such elements can use a memory foam mattress for safe and sound sleep.

●       Memory foam can prevent movement on the bed, which allows you to sleep peacefully even if your partner moves. Restless sleepers can use this mattress for uninterrupted sleep for sure.

Latex Mattress Benefits –

●       Latex is bouncier than a memory foam mattress. That is why you feel more satisfied and better when you are sleeping on the bed. It also adds more fun as you use the mattress regularly.

●       Latex mattresses can last more than 12-13 years as compared to 8-10 years of memory foam lifespan. That is why you get a more value performance from the investment you will make.

●       Latex mattresses are manufactured without the use of any chemicals. Some mattresses are made of 100% organic material like cotton or wool. So it has minimal impact on the environment and on your health.

Final Words – with so many kinds of mattresses available in the market in 2020, you can choose between latex and memory foam for a comfortable sleep at night. Make sure to carry out your research and based on your personal preferences, select the right mattress material and don’t forget to check the best mattress price before selecting the final one.

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