Spring Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress – which one to buy?

Spring Mattress

When you are shopping for a mattress that you want to take back home, there are a lot of different types that you will come across with. Each kind of mattress has its own set of benefits and advantages which you can use for your sleeping needs. These mattresses are an essential item that ensures proper sleep and good rest on a daily basis. Among the different types of mattresses, spring and memory foam are the two most popular mattresses available.

If you are confused about whether you should buy a memory foam mattress or spring mattress online, then you have to read today’s blog. We are going to show you the major differences between these two very popular mattresses. Thus, helping you to understand which of the mattresses will offer you with great service.

Spring Vs Memory Foam – Major Differences

Memory foam and spring coil mattresses are really different from each other, even though some of the features they offer are the same. Spring mattress is made of coil springs that offer you with the support and bouncy effect.

On the other hand, memory foam is a viscoelastic material that provides superior support and builds quality to the mattress. That is why you get to see so much difference. Check out the important differences here –

Spring Vs Memory Foam mattress

Firmness and Sleeping Positions – you have to determine the right mattress by identifying which sleeping position you prefer the most. The best mattresses that are available for side sleepers are usually soft to medium in density. Back sleepers prefer medium-firm mattresses in order to avoid too much sinking. A memory foam mattress offers the best versatility when it comes to attaining comfort in any sleeping position. Spring mattresses online do offer good support and flexibility when you are sleeping on it. But the varying firmness and superior viscoelastic nature make memory foam the best contender when you want to sleep with ease. Get hold of the best memory foam mattress and enjoy a wonderful sleep regularly.

Support – getting the best support is essential for the overall comfort levels and rest. Memory foam can support the many curves around your body without adding any kind of pressure. It also helps to distribute the body weight evenly over the entire surface and deliver proper spinal alignment. Best memory foam mattress offers much higher levels of support when you compare it with a spring mattress. Cotton or wool material inside a spring mattress cannot offer the same level of support as the latter. Hence, spring mattresses are not so effective in pain relief and preventing muscle fatigue. A memory foam mattresses will always deliver pressure-free support and durability to you.

Cost – one of the important factors that you need to consider when choosing between these two mattresses is the cost. A spring mattress is relatively less cheap than a memory foam mattress. Since memory foam is a more premium and offers high-quality comfort, they are more expensive than spring variants. You can shop for cheap mattresses online and keep an eye out for the different offers and promotions.

Durability – in terms of durability, a memory foam mattress is still the winner. This kind of mattress can last much longer than any other spring coil mattress. The body oils and dirt cannot build up over the resilient memory foam material and that is why they undergo less wear & tear over time. They do not attract dust mites or any other allergens as well. The best memory foam mattress can last easily for more than 10 – 12 years down the line. But, that is not the case with a spring mattress. Spring mattresses show signs of sagging and depletion after a few years. Thus, forcing the sleepers to adjust in uncomfortable positions.

Bounce – memory foam mattresses lag being spring mattresses in this category. Spring coil mattress has great bounce within them and they allow you to enjoy a bouncy effect. Memory foam is more responsive and can mold around your body offering great support. But, when you want a bouncy effect, you have to rely on the spring coil mattress to offer it to you.

Motion Transfer – of all the different types of mattresses that you can find in the market, memory foam mattress offers the best quality motion transfer isolation abilities. If you are sleeping with your partner on a spring coil mattress, any movement can disturb you. In contrast, memory foam is able to absorb the energy and helps to isolate the movement. That is why you won’t even budge when they move. Memory foam has the aalaterbility in this case.

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Final Words – memory foam and spring coil are two of the most popular variants of mattresses available in the market. If you are planning to buy a cheap mattress online make sure to remember the differences between the two. Based on your personal preference, the purchase should be made to attain a very peaceful sleep.

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