Replacing Your Coir Mattress – A Now or Never Decision

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Sleep is the most useful thing in our life, something without which we cannot live. But between us and sweet sleep, a mattress often acts as the spoiler, more so when the mattress you are on is an antique coir mattress.

This article tells you the top seven tell-tale signs that indicate when it is the right time to change your coir mattress, and what you should rely on if you want to buy a new mattress for your king or queen size bed.

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Reason 1 – Loses Elasticity

As coir mattresses are made with coconut husk, they are naturally elastic when you buy it. As time passes, the husk loses its elasticity, and the foam gets depressed. Hence, you will not get the same kind of comfort as you would get in many other types of mattresses.

Reason 2 –  Loses Shape After Coming in Contact With Water

A full size bed with a coir mattress is highly vulnerable to damage caused by water. As a coir mattress is natural, water on the mattress fibre may damage its structure and make the mattress uneven. Hence, you must pay special attention to the coir mattress if you have  kids in your house.

Reason 3 – Penetrates the Mattress Cover

Considering the coir does not come in contact with water, it still runs the risk of getting stiff after a few years, and the coir starts to penetrate the cover and prick you.

A mattress with too many coir sticking out of the cover may be a reason for back pain because it does not allow you to relax in any one position. 

Reason 4 – Releases Odour

An old coir mattress can never be the best mattress for stomach sleepers. As the coir penetrates the cover and creates small pores, dust and moisture penetrates to the core and induces foul smell. The last thing you would like when you lie with your face down is a strong stench.

Reason 5 – Sagging

The reason why a coir mattress is not the best mattress for back sleepers is that it sags under continuous pressure, and is responsible for back pain. When you lie on your back, the mattress would not only prick you, but also the hard surface would play with your body balance and make you feel uncomfortable.

Reason 6 – Difficult to Find a High-Quality Mattress

Although coir mattresses have several advantages that make it beneficial for health, not many mattress companies use the best materials to manufacture such mattresses.

As a result, the mattress loses its lustre and smoothness after a few years and requires replacement.

Reason 7 – Not Appropriate for All Kinds of Sleepers

With a coir mattress, it can never be one-size-fits-all. Problems are bound to happen if you prefer a firm surface while your partner prefers a soft surface.

As time progresses and the mattress becomes more rigid, you should consider replacing your mattress before it creates a rift between you and your partner.

Which Mattress Would Suit You More When You Shift From a Coir Mattress?

Many mattress buyers buy coir mattresses as they are durable, reliable, and cost-effective. But their happiness is often short-lived.

In contrast, a cheap memory foam mattress available online offers the best comfort and is long-lasting. 

To check the various features of a memory foam mattress and the reasons why a full size memory foam mattress can be your best bet. 

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