Innerspring Mattress: The Pros and Cons

innerspring vs memoryfoam mattress

Time and again, we have been guided through the various mattress types and their usages. The role of a good mattress in our lives is indispensable as they are the ones that help us in getting a comfortable night’s sleep. This, in turn, decides how active and fresh our mind and body functions the following day. 

However, amongst all other mattress varieties taken together, the innerspring mattresses have been ubiquitous since the early 1900s.

The primary reason for this is that innerspring mattresses are omnipresent and can be found anywhere, in any shape, size, or specification and is extremely pocket-friendly.

Innerspring mattresses, also known as coil mattresses, are constructed out of steel coils that get compressed when weight is put on them.

The more the coils, the higher, is the quality and support level. The innerspring mattresses are usually constructed with four types of coils. They are:

  • Bonnell coils – They are the most popular ones which flex and conform to the body shape most comfortably.
  • Pocket coils- These come wrapped in individual pockets of fabric that enables interaction with each body part independently.
  • Continuous coils- These use one single wire, an S-shape, to construct the entire support system of the bed.
  • Offset coils form an hourglass shape with flattened edges on the top and bottom. These prove to be more durable, sturdy, and supportive than the others.

Pros of innerspring mattresses

Spring Mattress

Innerspring mattress benefits can be listed under the following points:

  1. They come in an enormous variety of manufacturers, styles, and coil systems to select from.
  2. These mattresses come at rock-bottom prices as they do not cost much to the manufacturers. When considering innerspring vs memory foam mattress, or any other variety of mattresses, innerspring mattresses work out to be the cheapest. 
  3. Innerspring mattresses are bouncy and easy to move around.

Cons of innerspring mattresses

  1. Innerspring mattresses begin to sag very fast, and hence they cannot compete with their counterparts when it comes to providing body support.
  2. These mattresses fail to impart equal pressure on all parts of the body.
  3. The motion transfer in innerspring mattresses is the worst, and they even squeak a lot, when sleeping with a partner. 
  4. Their life expectancy is much lower as compared to memory foam mattresses.

Closing thoughts

Innerspring mattresses have ruled the market for years now and still sell in huge quantities. What’s best about them is the variety of comfort layers they are available in.

These can be made in any material ranging from natural fibres and memory foam to latex. All of these can add a whole new dimension to your innerspring mattress sleeping spree. 

Last, but not least, when comparing pocketed vs spring mattresses, the former offers more support than open coiled ones. 

Do your research on the internet and get a comprehensive idea about the best available innerspring mattresses and also know more about pocketed vs spring mattresses by large. 

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